Welcome to Yayoi's Healing Salon


Class Content

Level Content Objectives
Level 1
Basic Healing Open Reiki energy path. Learn basics of Reiki and techniques.
Level 2
Advanced healing Learn advanced techniques. Learn distant healing. Get sympols and mantras.
Level 3
Spiritual Growth Lean Dr.Usui's teaching on self-purifying and method towards peaceful mind.
Level 4
Mater's training Learn how to become a true Reiki teacher. Learn the method for attunement.

Class fees

Each level class is six-hour long (9:00~16:00). Please contact me for the schedule.

Level 1 : $150 Level 2 : $200 Level 1 & 2 : $300*
Level 3 : $250 Level 4 : $300 Level 3 & 4 : $500*

*This discount applies if you take both classes less than one year apart.

Healing Sessions

Reiki Session (60~75 mins.)$50
Reconnective Healing Session (60 mins.)$40
Detox foot bath (30 mins.)$10*

* Complementary with any one healing session.


Beaverton, OR USA