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« Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai »

The original Reiki Healing Society Mikao Usui established in 1922. It was not known till late 1990's that this original Healing Society continued to exist in Japan. Mr. Masayoshi Kondo is the current and the 7th. president. They currently do not offer classes or attunement to outside the society, you need a referral to have a membership granted.

— Affiliate —

« Gendai Healing Association »

Founded by Hiroshi Doi. He had studied over 30 different healing modalities before he encoutered with Reiki and became a master. He is also a member of traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. Realizing that Western style had eliminated many useful techniques that had been passed on directly from Mikao Usui within the traditional system, he established Gendai Reiki-Ho or Modern Reiki method where both Western and traditional techniques and philosophy are combined to meet modern world's need.

« The International Center for Reiki Training »

Founded by William Rand in 1988 with the purpose to provide various programs to support one's spiritual development. Their style to teach Reiki is a combination of the Usui/Hayashi method as taught by Hawayo Takata with a style based on Tibetan shamanism. See their web site for details.

« NGH »

National Guild of Hypnotists Inc. The largest and oldest non-profit, educational organization of hypnotists. Founded in 1950. They hold educational conferences, issue publications and do other activities to support enthusiastic hypnotists. See their web site for details.

« The Reconnection, LLC. »

Founded by Dr. Eric Pearl, who is an internationally recognized healer. This corporation holds seminars and conferences throughout the world. The healing methodology used is called Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing®. See their web site for details.

« Pacific Northwest Pranic Healing »

Pranic Healing® is a comprehensive system of energy healing, founded by Mr.Choa Kok Sui in Philippines. Pacific Northwest Pranic Healing, a regional affiliate of World Pranic Healing Foundation offers classes, free clinics, group meditation meetings and others to promote this healing system as well as to support local healers in their education. See their web site for details.


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